How to save dataTable and use it for other projects?

Hi there,

i want to use a database of array of strings.

  1. i created a dataTable from an excel file ( excel file has one column with many rows of string values )
  2. i am able to use each value from the dataTable.

i wanted to store this datatable and access it for further process.

however,i do not want to repeat this process every time when i want to access the data table.

how to create a dataTable which has a fixed data taken from excel sheet and can be reused ?

can any one help me with this.

Thank you

best regards,


If you want to use it for other workflow means ,store your variable in the arguments and passed it to other workflow.
Meanwhile ,keep the orginal datatable and dont do any modification in that (because you want that values).
so,copy the datatable into another datatable and use it.

Hi Sob,

Thank you very much for your reply.
It is working in that way.

but, its opening the excel file and saving data in dataTable everytime when i run it.
i would also like to know if there is a way to create a fixed database like an array.