How to save data into excel

How to save data into excel file each time when we run the flow, not into same file. whenever we run it should save in new excel file.

Hi @vreddy,

  1. Use a counter.
  2. Inside the loop take write range activity and in the file name, pass the counter and increment the counter one by one.
    As a result, each time the loop will run, it will increment the counter like: 1,2,3…and so on.
    In the file name you can do something like this: Excel+counter.tostring which will result as Excel1, Excel2, Excel 3 and so on.

Alternatively, you can use the DateTime.Now as a part of the excel filename. This will help you avoid the counter. Also, when you use multiple instances of the same robot the track of counter will be lost.


@Ganga - Thank you so much.This method works better for me