How to save as excel file

i have copied data From Excel-1 to Excel-2. then i have to save as Excel-2 to
—>Consolidated Transaction Report ddmmyyyy.

i have coped From Excel-1 to excel-2 but unable to save as file.

how to do it ?

Can any one help me .

use (use excel application)
set folder path
write range activity…pass datatable variable as input

Hi @Anand_Designer ,

If you are using Workbook Write Range Activity to copy data from Excel1 to Excel2 file. Then instead of using Excel2 filename in the Write Range Activity, you could directly use the file name required.

"Consolidated Transaction Report "+Now.ToString("ddMMyyyy")+".xlsx"

If Write Range is not being used, then another approach would be to use Move File Activity :

Let us know if it doesn’t work and explain any errors faced.


As per your statement you want to add ddmmyyyy format to the file name… so what you can do is, plz use a copy file activity and copy to a new destination with the required file name… Else you can use Rename activity…

New filename: “Consolidated Transaction Report”+Now.ToString(“ddMMMyyyy)

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