How to save an UIElement as image?

When I use “Take Screenshot” with an UIElement (of web browser), only the visible part of the element is saved, and not the whole element. The size of the saved image is good (correspond to the size of the UIElement), but the part not visible on screen is blank.
So I’m looking for something like SaveUIElementAsImage …

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@cbourrier If i understood it correctly, the problem you are stating is, you want to take screenshot and save it. But when you are taking screenshot using “Take Screenshot” activity, only the portion of the application that is visible on the screen is captured. If there is a scroll, you want to capture the details beyond the scroll as well.

You cant do it with the “Take Screenshot” activity.
But if you are using a web browser, there default features in chrome and Firefox. Apart from that, there are plugins that you can use to capture screenshots

  • Click Ctrl + p or print from the menu.
  • Select Save as PDF as printer


  • Open the desired website in Firefox.
  • On the right-hand side of the address bar, click the Page Actions (three dots) button.
  • Choose “ Take a Screenshot ” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, to take the full page screenshot of the website, choose “ Save full page option ” in the top-right corner.
  • To save the scrolling screenshot, you can either download it on your system by clicking the download button, or you can upload the image to Mozilla’s cloud storage (It’ll expire in 14 days).

Hope this is helpful!

Thanks a lot for your explanation.
In fact this will save the full page, but I want to save only a part of the page. I saw that the page is exposed as UIElements (representing HTML tags).

For example, il the page as a table (with HTML tag "<table>...</table>" or a special region like "<div id="xx">....</div>", I want to save only this part.


Hi cbourrier,
I am a uipath beginner . now I face the same problem as you.
do you get any method now?
hope you can share some method.
best regards,

In my opinion,it will be better to find this element’s attribute like “src”.If it is a HTTP link,so you can have a HTTP request and get the image;if it is a base64 string,you can get this attribute and convert to image.Hope to have a help for u !