How to run vlookup based on cell color

I am trying to get data from 1 excel file into 2nd excel file using read range and write range (since the data is pretty uniform and I do not have to make any modifications).
My question is: How can I do the same only for selective rows? I do not want to do it for the blue colored rows in the sheet, it should paste just for the no fill rows.
Screenshot attached below for reference.

I’m sorry I meant to say import based on cell color not vlookup in the title

What data are you trying to move from Excel A to Excel B?
What should the output look like? Is it overwriting B?

So the data is as attached in the screenshot. Yes, I want to overwrite Excel B (Selective Debt report) with Excel A, however, Excel B contains extra rows (in red), which I do not want to overwrite as they should remain blank.
I cannot run a FOR EACH as the row contains red color too.
Perhaps a FOR EACH along with IF command would work, but I cannot think of anything.

read both sheets into dts and then create a new dt for the output write to new sheet.

Hey Matt.
I think I did it by just using the get cell color variable and then running a FOR EACH loop.
Now, another problem I’ve run into is - how can I make my FOR EACH loop dynamic? Meaning it should automatically run through various columns and for each column, paste the target column value (which should also automatically increase by 1 everytime).

Attaching screenshot below:

I want to make the lookup DT dynamic (target col to be dynamic instead of just 3)
And in write cell, the column should be dynamic.

How many columns are you reading and writing? Is it a fixed number?

Yes its a fixed number, i want to read and write 6 columns in total.