How to run unattended robot in Community edition orchestrator on scheduled time?

I created a workflow and publish to orchestrator.
I have created an unattended robot as well using community edition orchestrator on To test, I set it to run every 5 minutes and it ran fine. But when I scheduled it to run at 8:00 am in morning, It doesnot run. When I come in and login to orchestrator around 9:00 am, it runs immediately.
Can someone please explain how it works? Can I schedule a process to when I am not logged in to community edition orchestrator ? What is going wrong here?
I want to run robot at 8:00 am every morning without any human intervention.

Hi @Rashi_Anand,

Make sure that you set the correct timezone. This could be one the reasons why you are getting some problem. The fact that you are not logged doesn’t have anything related, or at least it shouldn’t.

Another reason could be that UiPath team is making some adjustment in the orchestrator, but i cant confirm this, it is just a guess.

Hope this help. =)

Hi @Schirru

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I did check timezone and its correct.
I installed UiPath robot on my machine through exe file that comes with community version. And i read an article saying

" . The difference between them is that EXE installer installs the Robot Agent service that is active only per logged-in user session → this means that you will not be able to schedule processes on the machine unless you are already logged in. The MSI installer installs Robot Agent service for the entire machine, which allows Orchestrator to communicate with the machine even if all users are logged out."

Could this be the reason that my job is not running on scheduled time? Because i am not logged on to my machine at 8:00 am ? I am not sure.
Can you please let me know about this?

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Also, I cannot find .msi installer anywhere… I can only see exe installer.
If msi installer can solve this issue, Can anyone please share link ?

Please try to create a trigger for a time you can see it run, like 5 minutes from now and see if it works, if it doesnt, please check orchestrator logs to see if you find any errors. Also make sure you did follow this guide to install your robot in service mode:

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