How to run unattended bot with screen capture?

I am beginner in this domain and exploring UIPath.

Suppose, there are 5 users in the finance dept. and I have developed bots for them in an unattended mode and scheduled always on weekend executions.
Also all bots have screen captures (e.g. SAP login and then some finance transactions).
So, question is do they all have to keep their machines running on the weekends?


No need to keep their machines just publish the project to orchestrator create 5 folders and assign each user to each folder and schedule your bot. or your user will run the bot whenever they want.


Hello @Prasad_Dixit ,

Do you mean whether you need to keep the system active to execute your scheduled process?

yes. That’s my question.

Hi, then how screens will open while executing? Also how can I pass individual login credentials to SAP logins for all 5 users?

Hello @Prasad_Dixit ,

You have to keep the system ON, but you can keep the screen locked if you have properly provided the background automation properties in the automation. For example for click and Type Into, if you have enabled simulate Type/click it will work in background.

Note: You have to keep the System in ON state.

Oh. Then if it is 24X7 some monitoring activity related bots then we will have to keep all the systems in ON state.

Is there any provision that we can do it without system On? What is the significance of VM?

if you are going to execute in the VM, I think it should work even your system is OFF. Because in the machine details you are connecting directly to VM. Maybe you can try with a sample script and execute it.