How to run UI Path automatically with Visual Studio C#

Does anyone know how to integrate UI Path with visual studio? Currently I use system.diagnostics.process.start but it only opens the xaml file, how do I auto run the flowchart such that the process is automated in the background


Are you looking for this ?

Hi @lakshman

He wants to run the uipath from the visual studio like to trigger the bot from the visual studio programatically.

Karthik Byggari

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I want something to automatically launch the process through visual studio, I’ll take a look at the link

yes this is the one

Check the below post. You can trigger from command line .

Use the process start for Command window with an argument to start the studio.

Karthik Byggari


Ok. Got it.

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Hey, have any one an idea how to get the parentscope arguments in the childActivity ? Thanks


Create Arguments in child activity and specify direction as In and then pass arguments from Parent Activity.


It is not clear. Can you please clarify?
I have a c# project and I need to run UiPath sequences from c# code without ruining command line (Using UiRobot.exe).
Can you please assist?

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