How to run two similar RPA process on 2 machines at same time?

Hello, I have created a virtual machine on my lappy and now I have 2 machines where I want to run 2 similar RPA processes at the same time. I have created 2 processes on the orchestrator and triggered both processes. But only the process on my main PC gets triggered. The process on my VM does not get triggered. Please check and let me know how I can do it.

Hi @Pradyumna_TK

How many unattended license do you have?

If you have only one then maximum at one time you can run only one

And if the process is same you need not create two one process can be run on two machines at the same time

And here I see two processes only not any trigger that you gave or so

Did the second bot run after the first one completed?


Hello Anna,

Thanks for responding quickly. I have the UiPath community edition…so I think I can have only 1 unattended robot.

I have given triggers to both processes at the same time. I have not attached the picture.

Yes, the 2nd process on VM started after the 1st process stopped.

So this means I can run multiple processes on multiple machines but all at different time triggers…Is that right?

Hi @Pradyumna_TK

As you have only one license you can run at max only one unattended robot…

And that is the reason the second bot dis not atart immediately

And yes you can one peocess on n machines if you have n licenses

And yes you can run n processes on n machines again if you have enough licenses

So as of now as you said yes you can run multiple processes at different time triggers

Hope this helps


Thank You so much for your guidance. I understand it now :grinning: :grinning:

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