How to run two loops one after other one without break

I have one excel file with two excel sheets . “Sheet1” contains ‘IP address’ and “Sheet2” contains ‘Commands’. I need to take the IP address one by one and run all commands for every IP, that means each IP will run all 4 command, same like others. How to loop it please help. Attached the sample excel file. Test.xlsx (8.9 KB)

As per your excel, can you please confirm whether the commands will be same? @khan

Yes… commands are fix but all 4 commands run for 1st ip then second then third , like this

You can use read range activity to read both sheet and store in 2 different datatable.
Then use for each activity to iterates ip datatable under this use another for each activity to read command from another datatable


Did the same, but , i guess, missing something… Thanks Sandeep, let me try it again.

This would do the trick absolutely @khan

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