How to run triggers from orchestrator if machine is offline

i have a project which will run through unattended robot. I want to use this project as a scheduler which means I want the project to be run each minute. I have published that project and also created trigger but that trigger doesn’t run if my system is offline. How can I run that project if my system is offline?

Please help

Hi @mukesh_behera,

If your robot machine is not connected to your orchestrator instance the only way to run the robot is by using Windows Task Scheduler.

You will need to make the a trigger in Task Scheduler which will run every minute or as per your needs.

Two things you will miss with this approach

  1. With this approach the robot execution logs will never be sent to Orchestrator so there is no way of knowing if the robot executed as required.

  2. You cannot access any credentials or assets stored in orchestrator. So all of these need to be accessible to the air gaped robot.

The robot execution logs will be available in the robot client alone. You will need to analyze the logs using splunk forwarder or elastic search. But you cross the bridge when you get there.

For now Windows Task Scheduler should run your robot. I have a previous post on how to do this.

Hope this helps.