How to run the work flow from uipath Apps

I created a workflow in UiPath studio after that i published to process from there I accessed that workflow in to UiPath apps. I provided a dropdown list providing dynamic values ,for that I provided a button it was working fine on previous day, but today while I’m running it I’m getting one issue.

Can anyone please help me solve this issue

Hi @Chippy_Kolot

I think on startup of window UiPath assistant was not there that’s why it is showing UiPath assistant is required to complete this action. You can go to windows menu and click on UiPath assistant and after that it will be displayed like in my scenario it is showing.


@Chippy_Kolot ,

Please check if you are able to run Process from orchestrator manually.

Once that is fixed then try calling into Apps


@Chippy_Kolot please use the below check list to solve your issue:

  1. Install UiPath assistant if not already there
  2. Connect your assistant to same orchestrator where you have published
  3. Run the process from orchestrator once
  4. Connect the process and use it in UiPath Apps: Referencing a Process from Orchestrator

Please let me know if you still face any issues.

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