How to run the RPA regularly?

1.I have tried to new a .bat to run the exe then put it in the task schedule, but it only open the uipath but don’t run the activities automatilly

2.Or can I use the orchestxxxx then run my RPA automatically and regularly at a time?

Thank you!

Orchestrator is pretty good choice in which we can do a lot.

You can freely register and use it cloud UiPath orchestrator,

hihi,I have tried to run it, but don’t work.

So i NEED to try other method

You will have to enable the unattended robot for your user for this to work from the Personal Workspace folder :slight_smile:

You can navigate to the Tenant → Users, find and edit your user there and enable the Unattended automation. The only thing to keep in mind will be to replace the domain\username field with the output of the whoami command in the Windows Command Line :slight_smile:

hihi,thanks for your patient.
but I have enabled this automation/which part I did wrong?

Could you please check out these two guides? :slight_smile:

But it should work with just this step done, and not for a new user but for your own user that already exists :slight_smile: