How to run the robo from previously stop point?


If i run the robo and it got stopped in middle because of some error.
If again i executed the robo, then the robo should run from previously stopped point(error point).

how to achieve this?


Hi @Venkatesh_Chowdary,

its not possible.


  • you can change the robot start from manually.

  • one more option is Continue on error need to give for the activity True in properties. if error occur in the property also it will go to next activity and run.

  • Try Catch activity


Hi @arivu96

is it possible using switch cases or log messages??


Hi @Venkatesh_Chowdary,

ok you can track the error using try catch block

Hi All,

This sort of execution is possible but requires some forward planning to execute. You can build a system whereby each “block” of activities sets a checkpoint to an asset or config file. if the robot crashes you could then feed this checkpoint value into a switch to send you onto the next “block” on the next run.

This is entirely possible but fiddly to accomplish.