How to Run the Project on the Other System without having Uipath installed

I developed small project
i want to run this project without having UiPath studio installed on my computer
is it possible to run this program on mac also?

please explain the steps

Hi @Akbar_Badhusa,
all you need is to install UiPath Assistant on this machine and connect it to your orcastrator
1- Need to publish your project to Orcastrator.
2- Install UiPath Assistant on your machine Windows or MAC.
3- Connect UiPath Assistant to your Orcastrator.
4- Run your process from Assistant.
find below URL will help also to do above steps:


is it possible without UiPath assistant?
UiPath assistant can be installed in mac os?

You cannot run without UiPath assistant or studio and yes it is available in mac.

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is studio available on mac?

The UiPath Studio is not available on Mac OS.

You can use Serverless robots in Cloud (only for Cross - Platform projects) and also the Studio Web tool.

Some insights you can find here Introducing Automation Cloud Robot - Serverless! Limitless robot power with zero infrastructure and here Automation Cloud™ robots - Serverless