How to run the following activities after downloading Excel

It takes about 6 minutes from the program to download the data to Excel and convert it. After conversion, I want to do the following, what activities should I use?


Sorry I didn’t see anything here. Could please tell more details about the task you want to do after conversation.

It takes about 6 minutes to convert to Excel after downloading. I want to use other activities after confirming Excel conversion without using delay. I’m curious about the activities that can be used instead of delays.


Use Path Exists Activity to check whether Excel file exists or not. If it’s true then continue other steps else wait.

This is an Excel file that has not yet been saved. I ran the find image or image matches or the Element Exists activity and it failed.

Thank you for your attention first! I’ve used Element Exists to specify it as Ctrl + k, and I’ve used iF activity to solve the next activity!

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