How to run the bot on flagging status

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I have to open 6 website applications and download some files but I need to maintain flagging sheet where the status is pending den bot will go and download that file only which is pending and after download the file status will change like done
So bot will check all name which I mentioned in flagging according to that bot should run


Hi @suraj_gaikwad

  • Excel Application Scope (Read Flagging Sheet)

    • Read Range (Output: DataTable)
  • For Each Row in DataTable

    • If (row(“Status”).ToString = “Pending”)
      • Open Browser
      • Download File
      • Write Cell (Update Status to “Done” in the Flagging Sheet)


There are multiple different website and different xmal is there.


Hi @suraj_gaikwad
What if multiple website is present. Can you pls me more specific about you requirement ?

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use switch case to each of this browser and in the condition provide the condition if the condition is true it will go inside that 1st case if condition is false it will move to the next switch case


I have to open website and download the file which user want and move file on share path,

Similar i have to work with 6/7 website and process is same open web download the file and move on share path

So that all done.

User want whenever he will run the bot den bot will check flag sheet which status is pending if and trigger only that web site which is pending in flag sheet.

@Gayathri_Mk @Ponganesh_S_K


@suraj_gaikwad Create the flag sheet along with the application name. Ask the user to enter pending keyword to the application name from which the bot should download the file. After updating the excel as pending ask the user to run the bot. Example excel below

As per the above example files from Application 2 and 4 will be downloaded.

In code, filter the rows which has status as Pending. you will have list of applications from which file needs to be downloaded. Call the necessary workflow for download based on the application name.
Kindly let me know if further explanation is required

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User should not be change status


@suraj_gaikwad i’m confused with your requirement.
As far as i understood initially update the flag sheet manually as pending for all the application. In code filter only rows with status as Pending and start the download. Once file from application 1 is downloaded update sheet as completed for application 1 and then move to next row\app. By this approach if your bot is stopped in between due to error or it is stopped manually when the bot is triggered next time bot should able to continue from where it is left.

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Ponganesh S K