How to run procedure and then retrieve the result from database?


I am trying to get data from Netezza database and have managed to have the connection working and tried some basic queries as well.

Now I need to execute procedures and once procedure have been executed I need to retrieve the result with SELECT.

I have the procedure and also the SELECT SQL lines available and working in dbeaver, but I cant figure out how to make this happen in UiPath.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks for you help!

Can you share your connection string and/or method of making the connection please?


Hope these steps would help you…

  1. Kindly write the query that you usually use to execute a procedure in your database (not with buttons in you db tool, need a query to run a procedure) like how we have insql server
EXEC proc_name 'paramValue1','paramValue2'
  1. We have an activity called execute query where we can mention the query as string input
  2. The output variable of that execute query activity will of type datatable, with which you can enter to any table excel or even to another table with insert query activity,

The thing you will be in need is the servername, usename and password

  1. That’s all buddy you are all done.

Hope this would help you