How to Run Parallel attended automation 24/7 in foreground?

Hi Question here. We have an existing attended process in foreground running 24/7. And have a new requirement for another process that will run in parallel as attended. We tried to test having the second process using background template but we installed uiautomation package and tried clicks, and type user interactions. So far it worked. Can we continue on this approach or there are other ways to do this?

You might run into problems when running two foreground processes at the same time.
If they want to execute stuff at the same time things will probably break.

Does the other process need UI automation?

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Hi @jmjante ,

It will work only in the case when one of the bot have no UI interaction, only then you can run both process in parallel one with background execution and one with UI Interaction.

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This is what I am concerned about. The existing attended automation is running in foreground 24/7 and has ui interactions. There is a hesitation to update the existing to bring this to the background so we can run in parallel. We can start the new attended automation in background then use foreground activity when interacting to UI, but since the process 1 is running 24/7, i am not sure yet if this will work.

Thank you for your inputs. Same thoughts here. I am still thinking of a way around this concern.