How to run multiple process using mail subject

Consider we have multiple process in one robot.
A process should be triggered based on the mail subject.
How to do this… Plz help me solve it ?

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Hey @Ranganathan_M

Have a bot to monitor outlook (may be a background process) and then start the other job based on the mail subject.

The logic will be built to trigger appropriate process based on the mail subject in the above process.

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Hi there @Ranganathan_M,
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As highlighted by Nithinkirshna above, you can create a “Dispatcher” Process, which runs on a required cadence via one of your machines, looking for new Emails.

Once a new Email is found, it creates a Queue Item (with any relevant details) for processing. Your “Performer” Process can be setup to trigger on new Queue Items being created.

Alternatively, you can have that “Dispatcher” Process directly start the “Performer” Process, if preferred, using the Start Job activity:
Start Job (

As a final suggestion, you could leverage the new Integrations Service from UiPath, connecting to your Office365 Account and triggering the Job from there:
About Microsoft Outlook 365 (

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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