How to run many process in Orchestrator one by one

Hi team i have 10 process inside my dev folder in Orch. i want to run each process one after the other daily. how to achieve this ?


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You can schedule the processes from Orchestrator with in 15 Mins time interval. So that one by one process will be executed. If first process not completed with in the next process triggered then it will be in Pending state and will be executed once process first run completed.

I have 30 process to run on daily basis, say for example the first process takes one hr to execute. and i have next three process in Pending state. Do u have any standard waiting time for the process in pending state ? say the process wait for 1 hr still its not able to find a bot to execute. any timeout will happen to the process?

Hey @San1,

You can do it using queue base trigger.

Scheduled the first process which will be time base trigger. After completion of 1st process push the item to queue once queue sees the new item is being pushed it will trigger the next process.

You will have 9 queue for the 9 processes and 1st process will be time base trigger.

Check this blog by @Vishal_Kalra

Let me know if you have any doubts.

Thanks for your help , let me check and get back to you :slight_smile:

In my case each process in not dependent on the other process

But you want to trigger it after one by one right? @San1

if it is not dependent then also you can use that approach.

otherwise you will need to us the time base trigger option.

Hi @San1,

As @lakshman has said, you can make triggers for each process to trigger after a certain interval after eachother, for example:

  1. Process A runs at 09:00
  2. Process B runs at 09:15
  3. Process C runs at 09:30

And you can do this for however many processes you have. If Process A runs for longer than 15 minutes then Process B’s run gets queued, and will queue until Process A is finished.