How to run Macro in Uipath without using Excel (I am using LibreOffice Calc. instead of MS Excel)


I don’t have excel installed in my machine. So, I opted to use in LibreOffice Calc instead of Excel. I want to automate running Macro using LibreOffice Calc instead of MS Excel. How shall I do it.
Which activity needs to be used?
“Execute Macro” activity needs Excel Application Scope so does it work out fine without Excel installed

Please help me out at earliest.


Hi @shreyasshete

I don’t know much of LibreOffice, so I cannot be specific here.

However, unless you can find a ready package to execute your macro on, you might need to surface-automate the process.
You will need to create a workflow that will open your file in LibreOffice Calc and execute the macro using the controls this software provides.