How to run java based web application in locked screen?

Hello experts!
I am working on java based web application which is very old app.
How to make click and type into activity in locked screen ?


for those kind of applications maybe you should try with computer vision activities since the containers are not reliable


does it works in locked screen ?

it wont work

what should i do now ? any idea ?

Let me ask first, did you try using the normal click and type into activities?

yes, i am using it inside Open browser/application activity

Then in your app browser use the input mode as Simulate

And verify that the activities you have inside that have the input mode as Same as App/Browser

with simulate input mode it will work when running with your screen locked (of course using and unattended license)


But some of the component are not supporting simulate/chromium api/ window message too. My bad

Hi @Prabin_Chand

Do you have unattended license?


yes i do have

In this case it will work on background that is even if the screen is locked.

If not , The process is running good when the VM is open and throwed error when it is locked means check this in that machine


I am not working on VM. It’s regular desktop

Okay you can check as per the thread in your local system too @Prabin_Chand

There is no any or running

You are using enterprise or Community version@Prabin_Chand ?

Community version

Please follow this link @Prabin_Chand


Help me out !