How to run inside application automatically check box

Dear Team,
how to automatically login application to by automatically check box.
i have attached screenshot .


Hi @Ramalingayya

I guess you want to click on the check box there and click on the run button to continue.

So you can use the below activities

  1. Use On element appear activity to check whether the above shown window is appearing on the screen
  2. Within the on element appear, use an attach window activity for the shown window
  3. Use two click activities to click on the check box and on the run button.

It should work for you…

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

  thank you for your reply ,we have tried but we got exception.



Try changing the Repeat Forevevr property to False

Let know whether it helps

check the selector for click, and instead of click try using check activity with check property is it is compatible. and increase the timeout time to more.

Hi Lahiru.Fernando/ Divyashreem ,

 We tried what ever you said but it is not working.
 Can you suggest any other solution .