How to run dynamically the selected workflow first..?

Hello Guys, As i do have 10 different invoke workflows and integrated in a sequencel order. So the BOT runs one by one automatically and gives the data… Is there any other way to make the selected workflow execute first…???

Hi @Rahul1122

You can give the selected workflow in a separate xaml

and then try to publish the bot in the orchestrator and run

Ashwin S

Hi Ashwin

As i want to make it run without using orchestrator…

If you have invoked the workflow then you can right click and do open workflow which will navigate you to the xaml that you want to run then under run tab you will find run file option which can be used to run the workflow which is currently opened.

Hi Sarvesh

As you said that we will do it manually… My question is > In the 10 workflows when the team ask run the 5 one first and then go other for in sequencel order… for ex(5,1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10) it will be in this order… based on that i need a logic???

Are you passing any arguments to the workflows?

No… Each workflow process is seperate…

How are you taking input as in which workflow need to be executed first?

What you can do is you can use single invoke workflow and use variable as file name. Let the variable be an array of file names and then you can use for each to iterate them. The order in which file names are stored in an array can be decided by the input you are providing.

Okay Got It…Thanks bro…Cheers…!!

I hope I was able to solve your query.