How to run different processes (each build in re-framework) one after another?


I heard some where that UiPath has launched a functionality through which more than one processes can be triggered in a sequence.

For example, I have a process A, which executes and saves a Datatable. This DataTable is input for Process B, and finally say Process C is executed once Process B is over.

Can this be automated, so that automatically once A is over, B is triggered and once B is over C is triggered .

Any inputs will really help.


Hy @ankit.jain1,

wtih the ‘Invoke Process’ Activity you can trigger a process saved on Orchestator, use arguments option to pass parameters It looks like this


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Thanks, understood. Is this the new feature in UiPath ?


Hy @ankit.jain1,

Yes it is new feature, it is realy cool!! I used a couple of times.

Please mark my answer as solution!

Thank you!!

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