How to run data Scarping from multiple site pages in parrallel

Hi All,

I am doing a POC to scrap various product display pages from a single site. I have the list of items to look for in an excel.

Current setup picks one sku open browser and scraps, writes to excel and moves to the next sku in the excel and so forth

Is there a way to run the scraping in parallel for multiple items and in background?


Hello Ashish,

What you’re talking about is very doable, just not very easily with UiPath and you’re going to lose a lot of the helper tools that are built-in. This is a tool that’s used to graphically perform items in the way that humans perform them. What you’re asking for is something beyond this capability. I have attempted to juggle multiple selectors at once in a Pick activity, but that failed, at least for the program that I tested it on. It may however work across multiple instances of the same program. You could also do a parallel activity where you scrape the pages using, but then, as mentioned earlier, you won’t have access to a lot of the tools that UiPath has.