How to run bot on a slow client machine and what are the best practices for it?

So I’m trying to run the bot on the clients machines and as it’s a bank the systems there are outdated and also the system soecifactions are really low

I want to know how to run the bot in this kind of machine and what could be a good practice that you perform while developing a bot for this kind of clients machines

Most issues it gets is on Ui automation and opening an application

Most common issues are application stop responding and at the end they have to stop the application by end process or from task manager


There are no specific for slow but yes to make it robust

  1. Use check app states for every transition and give good amount of time for wait for appear and all…
  2. While checking for multiple possibilities try using parallel instead of checking them
    One after other
  3. In most of the recent click or type into activities we have options to check if the previous action is completed or not…use them
    To verify the execution
  4. Try using global handler in cases like you get pop up like wait for program to respond may be for 2 times and even then if not loaded then you can kill so that there might be chance for bot to continue


I have never understand how to use parralel activity, please can you explain it in simple and what are its advantages and real life complex usecase


Say on a website you are entering some data and for some fields say you have two alternatives and either can come up
A) when you enter date it can either ask you a question through pop up and you have to hit ok/yes
B) there might be another pop up saying continue and you have to hit continue

Both can happen randomly and after you do either continue on screen type B or ok/yea on screentype A it does not move forward

Normally what we do is we give a element exists and we have to check for both and this should be in a loop or with very big timeout…but the problem is say first you are checking for A then bot should wait for timeout to reach and then check for B

But for this you can use a parallel activity with both the element exists executing parallely so you need not wait for one to complete …both would be checking parallely and there is a condition that you can pas in parallel properties …which you can pass as either of them found…so now the time taken is only till wither one of it appears not the macimum timeout that you give

Hope this helps