How to run a Vlook - up for multiple scenario

I am trying to simulate Vlook-up of a datatable. But I am not able to run it for multiple items (which needs to be looked up). Can any one suggest me way out!VLookup.xaml (16.2 KB)

Please find the input excel sheet

Your datatable.selct method can contain multiple criteria so you could do something like
dtInput.Select(“[Name] = ‘King’ or [Name] = ‘Queen’]”) as an example. To build this string up you can store your input excel in a separate datatable and then loop of that. This is assuming you want to find this in a single select method and not loop as you are doing.

Thanks Andrew for your approach. I removed the use of selectstring, instead I provided direct value of variable. So it was able to find the index and move forward

Thank you for the example @badita. I extended the example to cover vlookup between 2 tables with output to a 3rd table (attached) (9.3 KB)