How to run a local sequence in Cloud?

Sorry for this rather easy/maybe silly question. I am still a newbie, and have created today my first sequence in Studio Community Windows App. It is a flow of actions in a loop until a certain condition is fullfilled. And till now everything runs on a headless Chrome on my local machine.

Instead of running this sequence locally, i would like to run this sequence in Cloud (I think that’s what the Orchestrator for?). Can please somebody explain at least the basic steps where i should begin?

I have been playing around in Studio as well as in, i could not really see where to start.

Hi @akapak

If you want to learn uipath from the scratch
Create a account in
In that course they will cover overall basics of uipath

If you want to run your local sequence into orchestator
First you have to publish your workflow by publish icon in uipath studio
After that you have to create a unattended bot in orchestrator
And connect that bot with your uiassistant
If all set well you can run your code from orchestrator

Hope the above statement helps you


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Thank you for the answer.
I have already published my workflow and i can start it from the orchestator, but as i see, under machines i have just 1 item, it is my own laptop. Is it somehow also possible to run this workflow without any physical machine? I mean in UiPath Cloud.
My workflow does not rely on any local app, or file. It just needs a webdriver for browser automation (i.e. Chrome).

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