How to run a bot with hotkeys

Hi everyone!

I’m getting started in this new world and, for practice purposes, I’d like to know if there is a way to have a bot running constantly in the background and run it with a hotkey like a macro in excel.
I’m not referring to the “F5” in Studio. What I want to try to build is like a agenda-reminder: constantly running in the background, run it with “F11” (or whatever key combination), and that that shows a Message Box in where I can write a task that I need to remember and a few buttons offering different times (like 30 mins, 2 hours, etc) and after that time, receive a message alert.
My english isn’t the best, but I hope to have been clear.
Do you think that this is realizable? I think I can figure it out the rest, but if there’s no way to run the bot with a hotkey… It will not be very comfortable.
I’m open to any advice! Just try to explain it simple because I have zero experience or knowledge in programing.
Thanks in advance!!



@smarcucci welcome to the wonders of RPA,

My understanding is you want to trigger a process by using a hotkey that will prompt you to set a reminder for a set period of time?

Not sure that’s possible to be honest, if you have studio running in the back ground of your PC/Laptop then you wont be able to do anything else as the Robot is using the PC. If using a virtual machine then it would only open the message on that VM.

Why not use task scheduler on Windows that creates an alert pop up for you to update your agenda/schedule?

Possibly someone with more experience may offer a better solution


I don’t think that robot is a best solution you need. If i were you i would write quick .net app with those buttons, loop and msgbox, And run it in the background or even as a service.

Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, I’m sure that there are better ways to do what I explained without a bot. But, as I said, is just for build something “simple” and practice and, at the same time, give it some utility.

Good to know that is not possible!
Thank you!!!