How to run 3 sequences in order within a project?

In my project, I have created 3 different sequences in addition to the Main.xaml file. The plan is for the robot to run the sequences in the following order:

  1. Report Download
  2. Excel_Report_Prep
  3. Outstanding_Email_Followup

In order to run the 3 sequences in the correct order, I have created the following flow in the Main xaml file (2nd image). Can I please seek feedback if what I’ve done is correct or if there’s a better way to go about this?


Hello @ Kerri Tiam,

Yes, you have followed the correct way only. Instead of making everything in Main.xaml you have done that parts and then added in the Main.xaml.


How complicated is each sequence? If they’re not complicated it’s inefficient to do it with Invoke Workflow. Just put all the steps directly in your main Sequence.