How to run 3 process in 3 different monitor with only one single CPU?

I have a single CPU and three screens/displays connected with that single CPU. I want to run three different processes using an orchestrator and time-based trigger. But the issue is that I want to run one process on one screen, the second process on the second screen, and so on. Means is that possible to run more than one process using a single CPU and multiple screens with a predefined screen for each process?


We can run just 1 foreground process per an account of OS.
If we use ClientOS such as Windows10, we can run just 1 foreground process on the OS at the same time, because we can login only 1 user at same time.
if we use ServerOS such as WindwosServer2016, we can run multiple foreground processes which are launched by each user on the OS. In this case, we might need to connect 3 RDP session and show it into each display.
Please note that it’s required number of licenses same as run processes at same time.