How to run 25 records, kill applications, then go to next 25 records loop

Hi all,
i currenlty have a data table with 500 records but i have noticed that after 25 records the robot starts to incorrectly scrape data , due to the application i am using.
so i am wanting to know if there is a method, using do while loops, that will run 25 records, kill processes, then run for next 25 records?

Thank you

Hi, you want to do it all in the same run, or get 25 different rows every time the process is started?

Create a counter.

Use the Assign Activity to assign to add 1 to the counter each time it runs a record like this:

Counter = Counter + 1

Then just use an if. If Counter = 25 then Kill Apps Else Don’t. Once the apps have been killed then just reset the value of counter.

i have tried that but i get this error

all in the same run, so it will run 25 records in the loop, once 25 have been done then use an if statement. saying for example:

i have solved the problem by taking the row index


Good job! :grin:

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