How to right-click and 'Save Target As' from context menu using Unattended bot?

Hi gurus, I am able to implement the Right Click on a hyperlink (a PDF) and ‘Save Target As’ workflow on a website (UiPath 2018.1.3) and it works in attended mode but fails on Right Click activity (SimulateClick selected) when remote desktop session is minimized (in other words in unattended mode). Can you please suggest if this can be achieved in unattended mode or not? If yes, what do I need to do to make it work in unattended mode?

I have attached a test workflow doing the similar download that I need. Can anyone please review it and suggest how to work it as unattended. Anyone should be able to run this workflow. (71.5 KB)

Try to invoke your workflow using ‘Launch Workflow Interactive’ activity and see if it works.

Rammohan B.

Ramamohan91, thank you for the suggestion but it did not work. Attached workflow has this change as well.

You can’t use right click for a SimulateClick activity. It has to be the standard/hardware way

Will it work in unattended mode without Simulateclick?

yes, it just needs to be an active window. It works fine on VMs

But it is not working for me, please check attached workflow. It is without SimulateClick and still timesout on right Click activity when I minimize the remote desktop window.

It worked for me. How are you running the workflow - are you starting the job from orchestrator?

No, I am executing the workflow from UiPath Studio on remote server and then minimizing the remote desktop. When I go back to check, I see timeout exception.

Try publishing to orchestrator and running the job from there (assuming that’s how you’ll do it in production).

You minimizing the window may be affecting how the robot behaves since hardware emulation requires active windows.

You can also consider using hotkeys :wink: