How to return in a previous state and execute

I am working with the uipath framewok.
I have different states , and i need to execute the state1 by reading a message and answering it and then go to the state 2 to send and email and sms , and come back again to the same scope in the state1 and send another message saying that state2 is executed correctly.
executing state1 and going to state 2 is executing in a right way , but i am having some issues while caming back from state2 to state1 and completing the execution .
Any help please!

Hi @teyssir

I would suggest you to post some screenshots / zip files of your workflow to help other users visualize your situation.

From the short description I can only guess that you have to work on the conditions of transitioning between the states.

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Thank you @loginerror
I have adapted my workflow and modified it to not return to the previous state.

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