How to return a javascript function value from 2nd browser to main browser?

Hi All

This is my scenario.

I have to select the staff name from the ‘binocular’ icon.


This will open a small floating browser.


After I select the staff (for this case, I will click on ‘ZUL’), it will close this ‘Staff Search’ browser. The result will be returned to the main browser.


The ‘Staff Search’ browser is using javascript function to return the result to the main browser. The web recording feature (I think it not able to capture this portion).

The selector attribute is “webctrl name=‘acceptOfficerName’ tag=‘INPUT’”.

I am not able to type in any value into the input field. The only way where the result can be indicated is after I have made my selection in the ‘Staff Search’ browser.

Is there an attribute like value, where I can pass in the parameter, so that it can be reflected in the input field (where the value ‘ZUL’ is indicated?

Any kind advice, please?