How to retry the same task if the first one didn't work?

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We have two PCs (both staying connected to the same Orchestrator).
Orchestrator time-triggered one task in one of them, but it didn’t work as the PC
was having Windows Update.

In that case, we would like to let Orchestrator send a same request to the other PC to cover the first PC and do the tasks on-behalf. Both environments (applications or config or whatever settings) are identical.

Any proper way to implement the above?

Hello @u2018dem0528

You can dynamically assign your job to 2 machines. If the first is not working, then automatically 2nd robot will start the process based on the availability of bots.


Thank you for answering. Just wonder how Orchestrator can know the first one fails? Any configuration should be done in Orchestrator side?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, while creating the schedule it will ask for the robot allocation. You can give dynamic allocation. If the update is going on PC and the robot-orchestrator connection is still active. Then execution can happen in machine 1.

In that case, maybe a API call from bot1 to bot2 can help. Need to check how that can be implemented, as there are few reference post in the forum.


Thank you for replying. Yes, we usually use Dynamic Allocation. Just wonder if you happen to have good & specific posts or sources for API call for this type of scenario?

Please check the below.


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Thank you so much for this video! I will study further.

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