How to retry the failed transaction item from the failed step

I have 3 inputs

My process have 5 workflow(steps).

If a transaction item (input 1) failed in 3 step.While retrying, i need that transaction item to be run from the failed step.

Because in my 1st step itself, the status of the transaction item will be moved from “planning” to “implement”…
If i try to retry from 1st step, surely it will fail, as the item was already moved to “implement” state.
Any one please help.

Hi @Rachel

If you can elaborate more your issue for example putting some xaml files or just an screenshots to address the issue easily . Many Thanks.

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You need to put check marks to see the transaction item.
Something like:
If Item is in planning then > continue, if it’s not then do the step.

And do that for each step, so that way it will skip over the steps in case of repeating

step1: Checking the record is in "planning"state or not
If record is in planning state—> continue the process ELSE Skip that record.

Step2: change the state of the record to “implement”

Step3: validate the notes and person names with the mapping table.

Step 4: Update the correct person names


This is my process.

My 1st record got failed while validating(Step 3) sue to system exception.

Now i need to run the failed record from the step 3.

But as per my process, while the retrying the record will go the step 1 and will fail due to the state.

This is my issue. Due to company rules. i cant provide the xaml or screenshots

Create some boolean values, lets name it Flag.
Set it’s default value to False.

Then in the first IF put also If flag = false.

After that, make it so that the Flag changes to TRUE when it fails (you have to have some indication).

Then you will have indication if you need to start it from step 1 or step 3 based on the flag (check)

how can i use the flag if i have 15 to 17 workflows.and where i can store those flag values

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