How to retry if the transaction failed in reframework

Hello Everyone,

I m working in Reframework,
How to retry the transaction atleast three time if the system exception found after attempts three time bot should mail, and go for the next transaction. And write in excel in ‘STATUS’ column failed if success write SUCCESS.

When i click on download web application giving error so i have to Relogin the application enter the same transaction and try to download the file atleast three times. Click i used in wait for download activity.


You can do the following:

  1. Use Path Exist activity to check if the file has been downloaded.
  2. Use Retry scope activity to retry by supplying the number of retry you want.
  3. There’s a workflow inside Process State that speaks to updating the status of each transaction. Put Send mail activity inside the exception to notify you when your bot couldn’t download after the number of retries.


Ok ! So retry scope activity should i used inside the waut for download,

Put all the activities that must be performed to download the file inside Retry Scope.

Place send email workflow and take screenshot in set transaction xamls of system exception. If in case of any exception, bot will anyway come to this place and send email along with screenshot based on your retry count.

Here you can place excel activities to update the report as well


I believe the process is failing in process.xaml

If yes then

If using queues then enable queue based auto retry and in set transaction xaml you can use if condition in your system exception sequence to check if the maxretry count is reached or not…if reached send and email and if not do not send an email…transactionitem.RetryNo = maxRetryNumber…here maxretrynumber is a variable in which you need to store the max number may be 2 or 3

If not using queues then give the max retry in config in constants page…and again…check if maxretry has reached by check the io_retrycount variable which is already present in the workflow


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