How to retrive outlook mail attachments

Below I am given user story. How to do?
1.Check if Outlook is already opened or not, if opened go ahead with step2, else open outlook
2. check all the unread mails in outlook
3. check for only .pdf attached mails - download the .pdf files - print the mail copy as pdf - merge the pdf attachment and downloaded pdf file - save it a location by creating a new name to the pdf file as “00001” and go on
4. move the only pdf attached mails to specific folder in outlook
5. move the no attachment and other attachments mails in another folder in outlook
Can you give me the guide?
This is my incomplete work flows

hi @Shakthivel

refer this.

thank you.

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Thanks @venkatesh_Chowdary

but this will download all attachments in outlook… i need to download only pdf attachments.

Any suggestions


Just check the below workflow, this has most of the requirements, but download attachments, merge pdf’s and move mails to folders are missing. Check if it is helpful for you.

And use Save Attachments activity to save mail attachments in a folder where you want.

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Thanks @sarathi125

Could you please share me the XAML file.
It would be helpful for me to read the properties as well.

Main.xaml (11.3 KB)


Can i get the attachment txt of the email without saving it ? and find some value from it ?