How to Retrigger the job if there is an error?

Hello everyone,
So I have 2 jobs A and B. I want job A to be triggered first. Only when job A finishes, job B will start.
In Trigger Tab, I set job A will stop after 5 minutes. Normally, it takes 2 minutes for job A to complete the job. So if there is an error, after 5 minutes, job A will stop. And I want job A will be retriggered again. Until job A works perfectly, job B can be allowed to start. How can I do that? Can you help me?
Thank you for reading.

Hi @Dam_Son,

while you are using orchestrator you could use a queue where you store job A as item if an error occurs. For that you would need to implement in studio in your process A some logic to catch errors and adding the process as an queue item to your queue. This could be achieved with the REF or the use of Global Exception Handler.
Further you could start job B directly from process A if it successfully run through.

Hope this helps you.

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Thank you very much.

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