How to retrieve the DeliveryStatus from Deserialized Soap XML File?

I have been struggling with grabbing the delivery status from this Soap File

I have tried Deserialized_SoapFile.Element(“getShipmentInfoResponse”).element(“DeliveryStatus”)

With no luck. Not very experienced with XML, any help is great!

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Do I have multiple namespaces? Would each one of the url’s at the top be a namespace?

Yes multiple namespaces are defined
The attached Link shows you an analysis technique to find out the used namespaces within an element. Also you can crosscheck if the prefix is present

Feel free to share your XML with us for further help, when it is needed

Here’s the XML file as textfile.

SoapText.txt (4.5 KB)

her the top of the xDoc

the analysis, when in doubt about namespace usage

so we do see the different namsepaces, when retrieval will done by defining the steps to DeliveryStatus

or we do it with the Descendant Approach

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After Tinkering a bit I did manage to get it!

The second Issue I have now (If you have the time) – is creating an array of each tracedata element. Each tracedata contains the history of the shipment and Ill have to parse through them separately. Can I create an element array of some sort?

Let’s scope the topic - 1 Topic = 1 case.
So other researchers can easier find solutions.

Feel free to open for your sendond quuestion a new topic and get pick up from there. Also describe more detailed your case / expected output

Thanks for support

Thank you for the help so far! I posted a second topic here:

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