How to Retrieve selected data from Xml file?

Could anyone suggest me how to retrieve selected data from xml file
Sample file is :

As there are more PNR elements we would like to know if

  • all PNR
  • the first PNR
  • A specific PNR

is to process

data between NML Tags for which i selected.
Actually in that file we are getting all NMLs which i dont want that.

And It should get processed for all PNR Ref numbers

your feedback is unclear as it is told not all NMLs but screenshot is red marking all NMLs. May we ask you to recheck the requirement definition

We got cleared that all PNRs are to process. Thanks for this feedback

Sorry for not conveying properly.
In One PNR has multiple NML tags , so I need only selected part which i have shown you in my second image.

Maybe following will help for the next steps.

Based on the flow from your other topic

we can catch the NML like

Example second iteration:

when it is targeted to process the NAMs within a loop then we can send it to a nested for each with the following retrieval statement (demo for 2nd iteration)

So a flow like:

will produce following:

It can happen (some UiPath Versions ~ 2020/21) that the logs are misordered when running the bot in Run Mode
But the retrieval will be correct and will not harm for RnDs or can be handled as well

Thankyou for your response
Could you please provide the xaml
so that I can sort it out according to my requirement

Find starter help here:
ppr_SOAPXMLBox_SoundaryaGuduri_G2.xaml (10.1 KB)
chauffeurAek040812NOV214810Nov21025746.XML (6.2 KB)

Thankyou for your support

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