How to retrieve file id of a file in box to download it?


The problem I am trying to solve is - I have to download a file from Box [don’t want to hardcode the id as this will be changing]. For the reason I am using search Content activity to get retrieve all the information. The output is coming as “IEnumerable” type. How can I retrieve the file id from the whole data?


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If you are getting ouput as IEnumberable, then you can use For Each and print the value

Also to access the first value you can type YourVariable(Index like 0,1,2) also

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Hi @Srini84,

Thanks for your reply! I was also thing about using that, but that would be useful as we have multiple Id. There should be a direct way of retrieving only file id from the output as this a key input for all Box activities.

Hi @loginerror,
Any inputs from you?


OR you can try with box API as below

Use HTTP Request activity

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I have studied the API calls, to get the file id’s we have to use Search content API.
I am trying to figure out a way in which the Box activities can be used.
As by using the activities we are able to retrieve all the information, we should be able to parse for the exact required information.

Really appreciate your effort & time here.