How to Retrieve Data from Printer Queue Using UiPath


In My process I have to pass a file which comes from Email to specific printer, I have to get the values from a Particular Printer Queue. I have done the other stuff. For Identifying the Status of my Job (File which I have added to Print Queue) need to identify. For that purposes, I have to retrieve data from Printer Queue. I’m able to find the number of job’s from the printer Queue using Syntax. But I’m stuck in retrieving Data from Printer Queue.
Can any one able to help me out from this road block?

Ukesh Kumar

Well i haven’t tried this before, hope this could help you

Cheers @ukeshd

I did those importing part. I’m able to get the count of the jobs in Printer Queue. I need those data from printer queue! which looks like DataTable format.

Thats great
so were you able to get the output from that as a variable, i hope you are facing issues out there
Cheers @ukeshd

I’m able to access the rest of the scenarios like checking the status of the printer, number of jobs in the printer queue etc.
But, I need to know how to retrieve Queue Data of that particular printer to identify the status of the particular JOB and the respective user who have added job to the printer and the JOB ID or JOB Name is required for my process.