How to resume execution from the point where the robot stopped after a network outage?

I have a robot that performs a series of executions daily and that robot is allocated in an exclusive machine for its execution, because the process must be executed for 24 hours every day.
As I am working at home in this pandemic period, this machine accesses the company’s VPN using my internet connection. When there is a power outage or a drop in the internet and consequently a drop in the connection to the VPN, the robot does not stop running and waits for the internet connection again, however, the whole process is back to being executed from the beginning.

I would like that when the internet connection is established again, instead of the robot returning the execution of the beginning of the process, it returns from the point where it stopped and continues the execution sequence, but I don’t know how to implement this error treatment.

I do not think there is any universal answer/solution for this question. It deppends on the specific process you are running and if this process allows resuming.

UiPath itself doesn’t have any mechanism to save/resume state of the process.