How to resume automation from where the process was ended[Please read the whole article]

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I need your guidance whether its should be done or not.

I have a process which is dependent on its previous input, as of only when we process previous sequence we create input for the current sequence but once the status of the transaction is changed next time it will not be processed. Also this is a financial process and has an financial impact if the bot process the duplicate file or transaction it can be reversed easily. So can we built dynamic bot where it can start from the activity it has stopped? p.s The process is lengthy and we cant use flags after every activity or steps.

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U can try that too

like the output of previous output u can store in excel or any other then at at the beginning of process use that information as input for the current workflow
Please refer this one : How to save previous condition value in next loop for scrapping records during multiple loging session - #6 by NIVED_NAMBIAR


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@NIVED_NAMBIAR thanks for trying to reply this post but as stated when I processing the data I am filtering the data with status and processing that data when I am done with conditional logic. I am updating the status and adding that row to datatable and that datatable is to be uploaded. so if the bot gets stuck while this phase the datatable even if I write it in excel will either be incomplete or will duplicated cause bot doesn’t know about it. and this is phase where it requires a excel to be uploaded. In other excel there are other criteria too.