How to restart part of Automation in every 2 hrs

Actually i want to restart a part of automation where data comes in every 2 hrs,I dont want my bot to start from the beginning…i just want to execute one window in every 2 hrs
how can i do this Please help

Hi @T_Y_Raju,

What is the issue with starting the bot from the beginning?

You can’t, as far as I’m aware, tell the bot to pick up from the middle of the code, it has to be the beginning. If you run the code from beginning to end, you can set a trigger on orchestrator to run at 6am, 8am, 10am etc. every day, whenever your data comes in.


As a workaround, You can log the time stamp in a Notepad file at the end of the part which you want

So at the start of your part which your automation run for every 2 hrs, Before that place an IF condition to check whether the last run is about 2 hrs based upon that you can keep your pet

Hope this may help you



can u plz provide with an example

Iam not triggering from the orchestrator, iam executing from my local machine, i want to set time in my local machine

You have to split the bot to two bots. You can then run the first bot and then the second bot.
The first bot can you schedule for example one time a day and the second bot every two hours.

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