How to restart a loop?

I have For Each Row loop with some pre-requests conditions inside the Body (which must stay there).
I’m using Break activity to break the loop when a pre-requests conditions is False.

The questions:
how to restart the loop when one of these pre-requests conditions are False ?
how to start the same For Each Row again ?

Playing with Invoke multiple files seems so brutal to me.


Get a clone of the datatable before it enters the loop. At the end of each line, delete the corresponding line from this clone. In case of break, you can continue with the rows you have.



Your idea to filter dataTable triggers another idea in my head:
I’ve inserted another For Each Row at beginning of the main For Each Row. In that second For Each I filtered out all pre-requests having False value, then Break… so, main For Each goes on along the workflow.

Not testing all… but I think will work.

No, I don’t think it’s a very good idea what I’ve post before… :frowning:

Finnally, I’ve added in For Each Row (pointed to: dataTable1) two activities (it may be use only one for both actions):

  • IF pre-requests = False then save those rows in a separate dataTable2 then clean those rose from dataTable1. So, when the loop will start again those rows will not be there (dataTable1) anymore.
  • IF pre-requests = True then continue the workflow / loop.

PS: thanks for the inspiration !

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